The disgrace of the United States leading all other countries on the planet in incarcerated men and woman, now at 2.3 million, is exacerbated by the wrongfully convicted in our jails and prisons, some estimates running to 10%, though prosecutors allege it is less than 2%.  It is extraordinarily difficult for advocacy groups like The Innocence Project and Justice On Trial to get wrongful convictions reversed, often despite unequivocal evidence! The numbers of exonerations accomplished, 1450, since 1989, as shown in the linked interactive U.S. map are indicative of just how broken the justice system is. Since law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and others in the justice system are evaluated on convictions, the American justice system has become a Conviction Machine and the trial, established to be a forum for seeking the truth is now simply a tool to convict. Law enforcement officers, judges, prosecuting attorneys and others in the justice system are promoted, elected, and their reputations are based upon convictions…too many acquittals and there are no promotions, re-elections, raises.