WHAT IS JUSTICE ON TRIAL: Formed in May of 2002, Justice On Trial is a non-profit corporation, headquartered in Nevada. We operate the website, JusticeOnTrial.org primarily for, but not limited to, the purpose of helping those wrongfully charged with or convicted for crimes in the U.S.



JUSTICE ON TRIAL GOALS:     Here are some things that Justice On Trial hopes to assist in accomplishing:

Assist in avoiding conviction of those wrongly charged. 

Investigate and help overturn cases of the wrongly convicted.

Offer suggestions and lobby for legislation to make positive changes in the system

Review cases for prosecutorial and/or law enforcement improprieties ·

Assist in the defense of those wrongly accused/imprisoned ·

Publicize such cases nationally and in the areas where they occurred. 

Collect leads/clues on selected cases and investigate where applicable. 

Reduce the number of innocent people in or going to prison.

Reduce crime by public education about crime and the justice system.

Lobby for reason and national equity in sentencing. 

Help create more humane conditions & rehabilitation for all prisoners.



We welcome any suggestions and information you may have. Please click HERE to contact us.